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How Many Times Can You Resubmit A Disability Claim?

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For certain applicants, the process of getting their disability checks will not be a simple one. Some people will have to submit their applications multiple times before they get approved.

As frustrating as the process is, if you have a physical or a mental disability that keeps you from earning enough money to live on, you have little choice but to be patient. These benefits are what you can use to cover your daily expenses and handle other responsibilities when you don't have an income that you can rely on.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Times You Can Apply?

There is currently no limit to the number of times that you can reapply for your disability claim. This means that you can send as many applications as necessary. However, submitting more than one application may not be as effective as you'd imagine.

If you reapply at the wrong time, it may simply be a waste of your time. Under certain circumstances, reapplying immediately may be a good idea. In other circumstances, it is better to wait, and in other circumstances, appealing the decision might even be a better option.

When Should Your Reapply?

There are strict guidelines that must be followed by the people that review disability benefits applications. If an applicant doesn't meet the set criteria, their application is turned down. Therefore, if there hasn't been a significant change in your life, the likelihood that your application will be turned down again is high.

In case your disability has become much worse than before or if you have new medical evidence of your disability that's likely to be significant, reapplying is definitely a good idea. In case your previous application was rejected due to a lack of medical evidence, you can reapply, ensuring you attach the required records.

When Should You Appeal?

Appealing an application can be a difficult process, and this is because it can take more than a year for a hearing to be scheduled. However, appealing is sometimes the right decision. When you appeal, the case will be heard by an administrative law judge. They can decide to approve you for benefits despite previous denials.

You can still reapply even if there is a pending appeal. This is definitely the best course of action in case your situation changes as you wait for the case to be heard. By talking to a long term disability attorney, you can get advice on refiling and on gathering the evidence needed.