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Information Defendants Should Know About DUI Charges

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Every day, many individuals will make the costly mistake of driving after they have had alcohol. For individuals that are able to avoid serious accidents, there is still a high chance of being pulled over and arrested for a DUI. While this is a very serious offense, being informed about what to expect and what your rights are will help you to minimize the disruptions caused by this experience while enhancing your chances of successfully defending against this charge.

Will Your Attorney Have To Arrange For Bail To Be Posted?

There are many misconceptions that people have concerning the process of posting bail. In particular, it is a common mistake to assume that the defendant's attorney will have to arrange for the bail to be posted. Yet, bail bonding services have ample experience working with those that are currently being detained. Often, these services will post the bond as long as the defendant immediately pays the appropriate fees once they are released. Failing to pay these fees can result in the bond being revoked and the defendant being sent back to jail.

What Type Of Punishment Can Be Administered For DUI Offenses?

The punishments for being found guilty of a DUI can be rather severe. For example, some jurisdictions will have automatic license suspensions, extremely expensive fees, community service requirements and rehabilitation. Incarceration can also be a punishment that is administered to those that are found guilty of this crime. Those with repeat convictions will find that the punishments are likely to rapidly escalate.

Is It Worth The Costs To Hire A Defense Attorney?

Hiring a defense attorney is always recommended when individuals are facing prosecution. Unfortunately, those facing a DUI charge may assume that there is no option for fighting the charge. A defense attorney will be able to help ensure that your rights are protected throughout the proceedings. Furthermore, they can review the conditions of your arrest to ensure that all of the legally required protocols were followed. For those that have no history of criminal offenses, the attorney may be able to argue and negotiate for leniency from the prosecution and judge.

How Long Will It Take Your Case To Be Settled?

The time it takes to settle your DUI case will vary according to the caseload of the local judicial system. Some individuals may find that these matters can be resolved in a matter of weeks while others may need months or longer. Your attorney may have experience with the local docket, which could help them anticipate the type of schedule you can expect.

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