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Examples Of Emotional Suffering That May Be Present After A Botched Cosmetic Surgery

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When you book a cosmetic surgery procedure, you're likely hoping that the end result will be a positive change in your appearance that impacts your life in a series of good ways. While most cosmetic surgeries go as planned, there's also a chance that you'll face complications — and that the end result may not be what you were looking for. There are many different ways to approach this challenging scenario, including hiring an attorney who specializes in medical malpractice, describing what has happened, and the evaluating whether it's appropriate to move forward legally. One of the outcomes of a botched cosmetic surgery is emotional suffering, which may be present in these ways.

Distress Over Your Appearance

A likely outcome of a botched cosmetic surgical procedure is that you'll suffer some degree of distress over your appearance. Whether you have a facelift that didn't work well, breast augmentation that failed to give you the desired look, or complications from liposuction, you may be highly distressed with how you look. It's not always possible to conceal your results from others, which means that you may have to go out in public looking in a manner that upsets you.

Anxiety About Future Procedures

One of the few good things about a botched cosmetic surgery is that you may be able to go through a future surgery in order to correct the issue. However, going through cosmetic surgery can be a big deal, and you might not like the idea of having to have another surgery — even if it's necessary to correct the issue. As a result, you may endure significant emotional distress as you worry about having a follow-up procedure.

Changes In Your Intimate Relationship

You may feel uneasy about talking with your attorney about issues that are deeply personal, but it's important to do so to build a strong case. One type of emotional distress that may now be a reality for you is negative changes in the relationship that you have with an intimate partner. For example, if you were having a cosmetic procedure such as vaginal rejuvenation, and it didn't turn out as expected, you may be unwilling to have sexual intercourse with your partner because you lack the confidence to do so. Or, your partner could be put off by the botched procedure and you notice changes in how he or she treats you. Each of these examples may be difficult to live through, but their presence can help you to get more in damages in your case.

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