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Three Other Parties That May Make Your Single Car Accident Unavoidable

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When you're in a single car accident, it's easy to assume that you're automatically at fault. In many scenarios, this will be the case and you'll have to deal with the consequences accordingly. However, you may feel frustrated because another party contributed to your accident, even if he or she didn't make contact with you or otherwise end up involved in the collision. If you find yourself in a single car accident and perhaps also charged with reckless driving, and you feel that your actions were unavoidable because of someone else, be sure to hire a traffic attorney and consider suing the other party for causing the accident. Here are three other parties that you may target.

A Motorist

It's possible for another motorist to essentially cause you to have a single car accident. The most likely scenario is that a motorist has done something dangerous on the road that caused you to take evasive action — and end up crashing in the process. For example, if another motorist were to cut you off because he or she didn't see you, it's possible that you had to brake aggressively to avoid a collision. Depending on the road conditions, your hard braking could cause you to lose control, and you could crash into a tree, the curb, or something similar.

A Pedestrian

Pedestrians can also potentially lead to unavoidable single car accidents. Even though pedestrians have the right of way, they need to be mindful of how their actions may affect drivers in the area. For example, if a pedestrian could begin to dart out in front of your vehicle to cross the street, and then realize that you were approaching and turn back. As you see the person in front of you, and are concerned about hitting him or her, you could swerve and crash. Even though it was you who crashed, your attorney can make the argument that the pedestrian's careless maneuver in front of you should make him or her responsible.

A Cyclist

Cyclists can often cause trouble on the roads because many of them weave between following rules for vehicles and pedestrians. As such, you might be expecting a cyclist to act in one manner, and then be surprised when he or she does something differently. A cyclist who turns in front of you without signaling could prompt you to turn aggressively to avoid hitting the cyclist, and you may find yourself in a single vehicle accident in the process. Your traffic attorney will be an importance resource for helping you to proceed with legal action against the other party if there's a legitimate reason to do so.

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