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3 Reasons That Bird's Nest Custody Is A Good Choice

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Bird's nest custody might not be your first choice when you and your spouse are trying to decide how you should care for your children after a divorce — and it might not even be a term that you know. However, this approach to parenting is popular among many divorced couples and is worth considering. 

Instead of having your children alternate between your two residences, they remain in one residence, and you take turns living with them. For example, you might live in the house with your kids for a week, and then move out so that your ex-spouse can do the same. Here are three reasons that this is a good custody scenario.

1. Your Children Will Feel More Settled

The traditional approach to joint custody can be beneficial in lots of ways, but it's important to realize that it creates a lot of upheaval for your children. Every week, they must pack up their clothing and belongings and travel to the other parent's house to get settled in. Although children will adapt to this situation, they may find that it leaves them with feelings of being ungrounded — they might not ever feel as though they have a true home, because they're constantly bouncing from one home to another. In bird's nest custody, the fact that they remain in the home can provide them with stability.

2. Social Engagements Will Be Easier

When parents share custody of their children, they don't necessarily live in the same neighborhood. This can mean that when your kids are with your ex-spouse, they miss all of their friends who live around your home and vice versa. Additionally, if they're registered in sports or other activities in one neighborhood, they may occasionally miss these engagements when they're staying with one parent across town. In a bird's nest scenario, their friends and activities can all be conveniently located around where they live.

3. It Shows The Kids That You're Sacrificing For Them

It's always a good idea to show your children that you're making sacrifices for them, and bird's nest custody can thus be suitable. In this scenario, it's clear to everyone involved that your children's needs are coming first. You and your ex-spouse will go through the inconvenience of rotating where you live, which may not be ideal for you. However, despite the fact that you're feeling a little inconvenienced, you're sending a clear message that what is best for your children is the top priority.

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