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Avoiding A Wrongful Conviction: Why You Need To Hire A Lawyer When Arrested And Accused Of Assault Crimes

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Accusations of assault may have landed you behind bars for a few days or weeks until you were able to post a percentage of the bail that was set for you. Now that you are out on bail, these legal woes are not suddenly behind you. In fact, the legal issues are only just beginning. You are going to need to find an attorney who provides services to those who are accused of committing assault-related crimes, such as one from a place like the Walter Bailey Law Firm. You should not waste any of your time! Finding a reputable lawyer to examine the details of your case, explain the types of consequences that come along with being found guilty, and talk to you about what may be done to prove that you are not guilty of these serious crimes is of utmost importance.

Understand the Seriousness of the Accusations

Even if you know you are innocent, you should understand the seriousness of the accusations being made against you. Circumstantial evidence has been used in numerous court cases to get jury members to ultimately believe a person is guilty of something he or she has not done. Wrongful convictions have been happening for as long as the court system has existed. Some people have been exonerated decades after serving time in prison for crimes they had nothing to do with and should not have been found guilty of committing. When you think of how many people have been wrongfully convicted despite being innocent, you must know how important it is to take your case seriously by hiring the best legal professional you can find.

Know What Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Plans to Do to Help

The criminal defense lawyer you hire is going to do everything possible to fight for you and your freedom because you do not deserve to do time for something you did not do. While the specific consequences depend primarily on the severity of the accusations made against you, some of the consequences associated with assault-related crimes may include spending many years behind bars, being responsible for paying restitution, and even being charged with a felony that would leave a mark on your name for the rest of your life. If convicted of a felony, it would be more of a challenge for you to find work as employers would be able to see your criminal history before choosing to hire you in the future.

Because such serious consequences can occur, the best thing to do is to provide honest answers to all the different questions your lawyer has for you. There are certain things your lawyer may want to do to prove your innocence, such as reviewing your phone records. Reviewing these could potentially prove you were miles away from where the assault took place when it was happening. Your lawyer may even want to call in an expert witness to testify on your behalf. The expert witness has special training and can provide detailed testimony relating to the evidence that has been presented that could make it easier for the jurors to see that you are innocent and not guilty of committing assault crimes on anyone.

If you were recently charged with some serious assault-related crimes, ended up being arrested, and are now currently out on bail, you should focus on finding a professional criminal defense lawyer to review your case and work on it for you right away. Despite knowing you are not guilty of these crimes, there are people who have been wrongfully convicted of different crimes in the past. You do not want that same exact thing to happen to you, so you need to make sure you are hiring the best lawyer to help you fight these charges.