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When Social Security Denies You Retirement Benefits

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In twenty-plus years, retirement benefits from Social Security will not exist without drastic changes in government funding. However, if you are of retirement age right now, or you will be prior to 2036, you should be able to claim your full benefits. On rare occasions, SSA will deny applicants of their benefits, even though applicants are of age. Here is what you can do after you hire a lawyer from a social security law firm like Gordon & Pont.

You Are Owed a Reason

Any person of retirement age who applies for Social Security retirement benefits and has been denied is owed an explanation. The most common explanation in these cases is that SSA has mistaken you for someone who is dead. Once your lawyer helps clear that up, your benefits should be deposited and back-paid the following month or sooner.

When the Reason Is a Lack of Work Credits or Work History

If, however, the reason is that you do not have enough work credits, then you and your lawyer will have to visit your work history to see if that is true. Some people have not been able to hold a job most of their lives, or maybe they spent most of their years caring for other family members and raising children, too busy to work a paying job. If you could not work for any valid reason, you worked in a non-paid capacity, and/or you were otherwise engaged for no pay, the SSA has to take this into consideration.

Your lawyer can easily argue that you were far too busy in other unpaid positions to work a paying job. If you have any evidence attesting to these facts, give the evidence to your lawyer. Additionally, there are some areas in this country with considerably high unemployment rates, which can easily account for a lack of work history.

You Are Already in the System and Receiving Benefits

In cases where applicants' identities have been stolen, the SSA already has someone in their system with your name, social security number, and information. This phony you is stealing retirement benefits using your identity! When this is discovered, you and your lawyer will have to fight very hard to get SSA to stop paying the fake you your hard-earned benefits and begin paying you. It may take a while because SSA will have to do an investigation first but you should see deposits dropping into your checking account.