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How To Decide If You Have An Injury Claim To Pursue

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If you're thinking about pursuing an injury case, you probably also want to know how to assess whether it will be worth the effort. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to determine whether filing a claim might be worthwhile. If you do these four things, you'll have a better idea of what to do next.

Ask for Counsel

Personal injury attorneys usually offer free or low-cost consultations. Take advantage of that fact and schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer. They can use their experience and knowledge of the law to assess your case's chances of success.

Write Down the Basic Details of the Case

It is always wise to write down the basic details while your memory is still fresh. Make a few notes about key pieces of information like when and where the incident in question happened. If you know the names of some of the people who were present, note those, too. Otherwise, try to generalize who the people were. For example, if there was a person stocking shelves at a store, just write a note including what you think their job was.

You should also write down the sequence of events as best you can recall. Avoid filling in details, though. If you're unsure about a particular fact, make a note and put a question mark next to it so you can convey your uncertainty when you talk with a personal injury attorney.

Gather Medical, Police, and Emergency Reports

Ideally, an injured party should have a doctor check them out as soon as possible following an incident. Ask the doctor to send you any possible medical reports so you can give those to a personal injury attorney. Similarly, you'll want to request reports from any police officers or emergency personnel who came to your aid.

Likewise, you should make copies of the reports and keep the originals. You may want to consult with several personal injury attorneys to hear some different perspectives. Consequently, you'll want to have copies you can leave at each law office.

Avoid Assumptions

Eventually, you'll discuss the case with a personal injury lawyer. Reach out to an established law firm such as Siben & Siben LLP. Foremost, don't make any assumptions about the case until you've spoken with an attorney. You might not feel like the case is that great, but a personal injury attorney may see it differently.

If you don't immediately find an attorney who sees the case as viable, stay the course. Lawyers are like all people and will have differing opinions. Speak with several and learn what they have to say.