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Suffering From The Financial Consequences Of An Accident

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Vehicle accidents can impact people in many ways. If you have been involved in a crash that was the other driver's fault, you could be wondering how to make the other guy pay what they owe. It can be difficult to cope with recovering from injuries while at the same time watching your careful financial plans fall apart. You can leave your physical and mental recovery to the experts but coming to terms with the financial consequences of an accident must be done sooner or later. For a primer on what type of financial impact your accident could have on your life and how to cope with it, read on.

Your Medical Bills 

Everyone knows how expensive medical treatment costs can be – especially if you are hospitalized. While many accident victims assume that the other guy's insurance will cover their medical expenses, things don't always turn out that way. For instance, before the other driver's insurer will pay any of your medical bills, the fault must be determined. If the other driver is claiming that you are at fault, your bills may be unpaid. You must deal with the fault issue before anything else. Speak to a personal injury lawyer and have them take the lead in proving fault and making them pay your bills before you are attacked by bill collectors.

Lost Wages

For every day you are out of work because of the accident, you lose hundreds of dollars in wages. You don't need to use your precious paid time off to cover your budget shortfalls when you cannot work. Before you find yourself with late fees and collection actions, let a personal injury lawyer take on the case and get you paid what you are owed. Keep up with how much time you've missed. Take that information along with a pay stub or statement to your lawyer and get reimbursed for your lost income.

Vehicle Damages

Whether your vehicle can be repaired or not, you are entitled to be paid for it. Most people don't have access to other forms of transportation when their vehicle is deemed totaled or is being repaired. You may need a rental car, even if your own insurer won't pay for it. Keep up with your alternate transportation costs and present them to your lawyer.

Pain and Suffering

You may still be suffering from the physical effects of your injuries with some issues taking time to completely heal. In the meantime, you are entitled to be paid for the way the injuries are impacting the lives of you and your loved ones. Your mental health after an accident is no small thing. Speak to your personal injury lawyer to find out how pain and suffering can be the highest of all your financial costs after an accident.