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How Not To Settle Your Personal Injury Case The Wrong Way

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Many accident victims are led to settle their cases too soon. Insurance companies often make it seem as if the case must be closed as quickly as possible. However, it pays for accident victims to know what is really going on when they encounter pressure to agree to a settlement. Read on and find out more.

What's the Hurry?

If the other driver is to blame for the accident, they owe you money. Just how much money should be determined by a personal injury lawyer who has the victim's best interests at heart. Unfortunately, not all victims seek help from a lawyer before they agree to a settlement. The other insurance company can make things worse by contacting victims soon after the accident. At that time, no one can know what the full outcome of the accident will be. However, many victims are pressured into settling the case right away as if there is a big hurry.

There is a Time Limit

It should be mentioned that there is a time limit for dealing with personal injury auto accident cases. Each state has its own time limits. The time limit to observe is that for the state where the accident occurred, which could be different than the state of residence. In most cases, the time limit is counted in years, not weeks or months. Getting a lawyer involved in your case is the best way to avoid waiting too long to deal with the case.

How Are Settlements Calculated?

Each case is unique, but vehicle accidents have some common forms of damage as seen below.

  • The medical treatment for the victim's physical injuries from the date of the accident to the present.
  • The medical treatment for the victim from the date of the settlement and onward to a certain point in time.
  • The severity of the victim's injuries. Catastrophic or permanent injuries are paid more than victims with bruises and broken bones when it comes to pain and suffering damages.
  • The dollar amount of wages lost by the victim due to the accident from their job.
  • The cost of the repair or replacement of the victim's vehicle.

Some of the above costs cannot be calculated until a few weeks or months after the accident. Victims must be patient so that they can be paid the amount they deserve. Speak to a personal injury lawyer and don't settle for less than you are owed.