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Workers Compensation: Were You Cleared For Work Too Soon?

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If you lost your workers compensation benefits because your job's attending physician prematurely cleared you for work, consult a workers compensation attorney today. If you qualify, an attorney may be able to obtain additional workers compensation benefits for you. Learn how and why doctors prematurely clear workers before their time and how a workers compensation attorney can help you below.

Why Did a Doctor Clear You Too Soon?

Workers compensation requires employers to send their injured workers to a doctor immediately after they experience an incident or accident on the job. A doctor must perform a complete exam and evaluation on an injured worker, then submit the results of an evaluation directly to an employer's insurance company or provider. Once an insurance company receives documentation from a doctor, they complete the forms needed to obtain an injured employee's workers compensation benefits.  

The steps or requirements above should be enough for injured workers to receive their workers compensation benefits for as long as they need them. However, some workers don't receive all of their entitled benefits from workers comp. If an employer's doctor prematurely clears an employee for full-time work, an employee loses the rest of their workers compensation benefits.

The employee not only has to work injured or ill, but they must also find a way to pay for their mounting medical and financial expenses. Some employees may lose their jobs if they fail to return to work as stated. 

If your employer's doctor cleared you for work too soon, speak to a workers compensation attorney soon. 

How Can a Workers Compensation Attorney Assist You?

An attorney will need to see if your employer's doctor cleared you for work in good faith, or if they acted on the behalf of your employer or your employer's insurance provider. Although it doesn't apply to every insurance company, some insurance companies can instruct doctors to prematurely clear injured employees for work. An attorney can examine your accident injury evaluation and forms to see if a doctor incorrectly released you for work.

A workers compensation attorney may also send you to another physician for care. Many states like Florida allow injured workers an opportunity to switch or change doctors when they receive workers compensation benefits. Another doctor can provide a second and independent opinion about your injury. If another physician determines you to be too injured or ill to return to work, an attorney can submit the information to workers comp on your behalf.  

If you need assistance obtaining the rest of your workers compensation benefits, consult a lawyer today.